InCompany - English
The first company to bring to Sertãozinho services needed in the market, such as courses for specific areas, translations and versions, revisions of texts and consultancy.

Our services are personalized to take care of your needs; we also deal the prices and later payments according to the situation of the client’s needs.

Our training can be done in the company premises, at any time and by a quick way of learning chosen by our staff, respecting the style of each student or the group.
English Course
Our method is based on that of successful schools in Europe and the USA, the main goal of which being to learn speak the language fluently without being detrimental to reading and writing skills. Learn the same way you learned your first language, in a fun and simple way.
Spanish Course
We also offer you the Spanish course, with a different and dynamic way of teaching, and we also use an up dated material and we go straight-forward into the area you are looking for, so that you can learn it faster.
Italian Course
Our company offers the Italian course, with a modern and dynamic material, used in the market today besides highly qualified teachers, with large experience. Come and watch a demonstrative lesson and check out the excellent quality of our course, we go towards your needs.
French Course
The good news for 2011 is the French course, highly effective, using traditional materials adopted by the best French schools in the country. A course with quality, taught by a specialist teacher with experience in this area.